Welcome to Tohouri's website

I'm very happy to have you as this website's guest. Through this web pages I would like to share with you my interests for ICT for Development, Telemedicine and Free and Libre Open Source Software.

It was not that easy to start this website. At the beginning I was asking to my self: Who is interested of what you're doing? Is it not a little bit megalomaniac to create a website about yourself and what you're doing? will you have time to publish articles etc. on it?
But finally I did it! And it's something amazing. I have now realized that in this globalized world, we have to keep track of what we are doing, learning and discovering in order to share them with this new network-society citizens and build a new knowledge society for us and our children. I hope you will leave a lot of comments on this website. I promise that I will use them to improve what I'm doing and I'm sure that your contributions will be an engine that will drive me even farther.

Have a nice browse...