TOHOURI Romain-Rolland Francis

Date of Birth: 1972 Nationality: Ivorian

Dr TOHOURI Romain-Rolland Francis is an expert in the field of Health Informatics and ICTs for development. He has over height years experience working with public hospitals in the eHealth filed in Mali and over 3 years experience working in the design of Health Information Systems in Mali, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso. He is graduate in medicine and has a University Superior Diploma (Master M1) in ICT and Development at University of Limoges (France). Currently he is doing his PhD research at University of Oslo in Mobile Technology integration in Health Information Infrastructures.
Dr TOHOURI has wide experience working as consultant in IT and Health Informatics for IDC (Icts development Center), IICD (International Institute for Communication and development), FOSSFA (Free and Open Source Software for Africa) and AAUL (Association Africaine des Utilisateurs de linux et des Logiciels libres). He is the main developper of OpenYaLIM, the application supporting the "IKON" telerariology project in Mali, that provides since 2004, remote diagnosis in radiology to regional hospitals. Additionally he has extensive experience in designing and providing training courses in ICTs and FLOSS.

Key Qualifications:

Since 2008 - University of Oslo: PhD research in Mobile Technology integration in Health Information System in developing countries context

2006 - University of Marne-la vallée (France): MASTER 2 AIGEME (Application Informatiques : Gestion, Etude, Multimédia, Eformation) cursus.

2005 - University of Limoge (France): University Superior Diploma (Master M1) in ICT and Development, Project Management option

2003 - NCTVET (Kingston – Jamaica): Senior Trainer Certification in ICT

2002 - University of Bamako : Graduate in Medicine

2001–2002 - University of Bamako: Medicine Thesis on the theme « Teleradioloy interest in the field of second diagnosis in Mali: Case of exchange between Point G hospital, Marseille hospital and Geneva University Hospitals »

Recent Consultancies:

* 2009: Support to Burkina Faso's Strategic Plan elaboration, following the HMN framework guidline
* 2008 - present: Design and Implementation of Sierra Leone's HIS
* 2007: assessment of the health information system in Sierra Leone
* 2007: IT consultant for IICD project IT and health project for Gao and Djenne Hospitals
* 2006: Digital Health network and telemedice proposal for the ministry of health in Togo
* 2006: Review of information system for the cattle federation in Mali
* 2004: Development of telemedicine open source software
* 2004-2005: implementation of teleradiology project IKON in Mali
* 2002-2003: Design of teleradiology project named IKON in Mali

Recent Employment:

2009: Manager of ICTs Development Center (IDC) Mali
2005 – 2008: Consultant and Technical Director for IDC SARL and OpenYaLIM V2 development team leader.

* Develpment of telemedicine opensource software named OpenYaLIM V1
* ICT consultant of local and regional hospitals in Mali
* ICT technical advisor for IICD ( ) in Mali
* FOSSFA vice-chair
* AAUL vice responsible for software development

2008-present: Developpement of OpenYaLIM v2 ehealth platform
2004 – 2005: Development of the Teleradiology OpenYaLIM software
2003 – 2005: REOnet SARL Manager
2002 – 2003: Design an implementation of X-ray telemedicine project named IKON in Mali and the CyberPharmacy project
2001–2002: Manager for Keneya Blown medical portal (

Languages: French, English, Bambara, Bété